We Love This Coast

Points of Unity for Protectors

  1. We are facing an unprecedented, extreme and imminently catastrophic threat to the life support systems of the planet. It is not alarmist to proclaim the scientific facts. Climate change and ecological destruction is by far the most urgent issue facing all of us. We understand clearly the time for action is now.
  1. We need to remember that climate change is not the problem. To be more precise, it is the devastating acute symptom of the underlying socio-economic problem that remains largely undiagnosed by the larger environmental movement, capitalism.
  1. Challenging the climate and larger ecological crisis demands that we change society as a whole. This means connecting with activists in all sectors to build a wide social movement, capable of challenging the forces of environmental destruction and social injustice.
  1. We need to change how we organize and how we view each other, we must see that the goals for change are the same and that we are more the same then different. The first priority is to build a inclusive movement, including all groups and individuals. We are more than environmentalists, we are global citizens. Exploitation and destruction of the planet is intricately linked to exploitation and oppression of human beings and innocent creatures.  Discord will not help, so we must learn to work together, overlooking personal differences.
  1. This movement should be led by those most directly affected and who have the highest stakes in the outcome of the struggles we engage in. We support grassroots individuals and groups that operate independently from the corporate enviro-green organizations solutions to the climate emergency.
  1. We are a non-sectarian, maintaining a flexible approach to organizing in order to build as strong a movement as possible. We will work with all individuals and groups who may not necessarily have reached the same conclusions, but are nevertheless ready to work together to make change happen for survival of our species.
  1.  We believe in peaceful direct actions and civil disobedience. We believe in diversity of tactics.

(Original Document was from Climate Convergence 2015 written by the individuals of the Welcoming Committee, edited by WLTC, July, 2017.)


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