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Kinder Morgan FACTS Brochure

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Why DO the People/First Nations/Communities NOT ACCEPT the  approval of Kinder Morgan TMX  pipeline and 408 tankers/year on our Salish Sea?

Here are a few reasons and facts:

  1. First Nations: The Tsleil-Waututh and Squamish Nations have both clearly stated their opposition to the proposal and have signed the Save the Fraser Declaration opposing the export of tar sands oil through their traditional territories. Their opposition is supported by the First Nations Summit, the Union of BC Indian Chiefs and the Treaty Alliance Against Tar Sands Expansion.  TWN Sacred Trust
  2. Oil Tanker Accidents and Spills into the Marine Environment: Approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion would result in 408 tankers a year full of bitumen, more than one a day, an increase in oil tanker traffic (currently 70 tankers) in Burrard Inlet and through the Salish Sea. One tanker accident would be catastrophic and put endangered orcas and humpback pods at risk, these whales would dwindle to extinction. (i.e. Orca Pod AT1 – no calves in 27 years due to Exxon Valdez) All marine life would be devastated and the destruction of our coastline would take generations to recover, if ever.  We are woefully unprepared to deal with a major spill of oil. (i.e. Apr 8, 2015 bunker fuel spill in English Bay). See Georgia Strait Alliance .
  3. Pipeline Ruptures and Spills on Land: A major spill would harm our land and air. The toxic cloud would  endanger farmland and cause many human health risks effecting wild life and our drinking water. Kinder Morgan has had four significant leaks from its fossil fuel infrastructure in B.C.’s Lower Mainland alone since 2005, and numerous other incidents further afield.  See the CRED report.
  4. Climate Change: The proposed Trans Mountain Kinder Morgan Pipeline expansion would increase capacity from 300,000 to 890,000 barrels/day, which would create an extra 112,000,000 tons of global warming pollution each year when the exported fossil fuel is burned — This at a time when we must urgently reduce global warming pollution to avoid runaway climate change. The time for half way measures is long past. We must make bold strides immediately, many climate researchers/scientists already report the planet is already in an irreversible course Visit 350.org .
  5. Economy and Jobs: Selling bitumen, a raw product to foreign countries allows them to process the raw material, and sell the refined product back to us at higher prices. (i.e. Like shipping raw logs to China.) The jobs created during construction are temporary (2 years vs 60 -80 years for life time of pipeline). Fact: total permanent full-time jobs is 125. Visit Robyn Allan’s website for detailed info.
  6. Liability:  In the case of a tanker spill, taxpayers would be responsible for costs of clean-up. The tankers liability is limited to $1.3 billion and a major spill could easily cost ten times this amount, 5% of bitumen is recovered. Us, the taxpayers would be on the hook for billions. See the CRED report .


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WE DEMAND: (Based on the fact we live on a FINITE planet.)

  • overturn recent approval of Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline.
  • that consultations and consent from First Nations whose territories are affected be a priority, and their land claims be respected BEFORE any further construction of pipelines or any major fossil fuel infrastructure.
  • clean, healthy jobs for current and future workers. “The number of construction jobs in B.C. would peak at 2,500 only, per National Energy Board filings by the company.” After initial construction that lasts only 2 years, the risks remain for 60 to 80 years for lifetime of pipeline. Per Kinder Morgan’s own NEB application, TOTAL permanent number of jobs AFTER construction will be approximately 125. Alberta economy benefits from pipeline construction, B.C. takes the huge risks! It is mainly in Big Oil’s and Alberta’s interests.
  • that the current governments consider climate change/emergency as a priority in policies and be world leaders in transition to sustainable renewable energy sources immediately. Most of the people and creatures on the planet being impacted by the effects are the disenfranchised and most vulnerable. We are losing species to extinction at an alarming rate, over 8,500 a year, revealed in documentary film ‘Racing Extinction’.
  • that the voices of the communities and the youth of this country feel heard and respected by the current governments. It is their futures that are being adversely affected by decisions to build bitumen pipelines, expand the tarsands and increase the risks of tanker traffic. They deserve better!
  • that the Provincial and Federal Governments stand up for the people of British Columbia (unceded lands) and refuse to issue the necessary environmental permits for this project to be built. The risks of a bitumen spill to our water/land eco-systems are unacceptable. The risks to our thriving tourism industry are unacceptable. The risks to our health and our families are unacceptable.
  • that the Provincial and Federal governments curb extraction of fossil fuels and the reliance on non-renewable energy sources. Instead make real commitments to increase green jobs and create a GDP sector dedicated to sustainable energy. This will be good for our economy, health of workers and guarantee a future for the planet’s inhabitants.

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND HOW TO GET INVOLVED:  Please join Stop Kinder Morgan Call to Action facebook group or visit website: welovethiscoast.com.  Also, join Coast Protectors at: coastprotectors.ca/ for updates!

Climate Leaders DO NOT build pipelines. Climate Deniers DO! #StopKM