We Love This Coast

Building a Movement for Change

Strategy + Solidarity = Survival

As we focus on the challenges of both orcas and salmon, we believe that there are many ways to do this. We hope that by sharing information we will increase knowledge so we are motivated to do our very best to stand up for those that have no voice.

Our hope is to bring together First Nations land defenders, grassroots and community groups, organizations and individuals who understand that the status quo is not only not working, it is destroying our planet at a rate never experienced. Time is of the essence to create a movement for change.

This is the first step in forming a movement of individuals who have the desire to be part of a community that makes inclusiveness a main component of like hearted and like minded people. As we grow together in unity of purpose and create strategies to effect real and necessary change in the world on behalf of those that have no voice, disenfranchised individuals due to race or economic status. Forming connections, net-works and shared goals, we can become more effective intelligent strategies.

We all realize we are up against HUGE powers and entrenched ideals and systems of capitalism, colonialism, and patriarchy. Many of the local issues like fossil fuel projects, missing and murdered indigenous women, prejudices, corporate greed, and government policies that have affected the democracy in so-called Canada. If we can form alliances and network, we can build strategies to make us all more powerful to effect the change we all desire. Even with many different perspectives and tactics, we hope and believe this is possible if we see each of us are more alike than we are different. We need ALL tactics, it is by collective initiatives from petitions, emails, phone calls, letters to editors to radical direct action and civil disobedience, when necessary.

We honour each other by being respectful, patient and forgiving. We forgive others, not for the other person’s peace, but for our own.

We all have different life stories, let’s use all our collective experiences to make the movement strong, empathetic, compassionate, and inclusive of all willing to work on a shared vision. These are extremely important components for our movement to grow, prosper and be successful.

We grow as individual human beings and part of a collective group, by sharing experiences often through tough moments (i.e. Burnaby Mountain) and moments of amazing energy and power (i.e. Burnaby Mountain). 🙂   The connections we form through these shared experiences will move us towards positive and strong life-long friendships.

What we are doing is bigger than any ONE of us. Strive to keep the Big Picture in mind when speaking or acting in behalf of Mother Earth.

Let’s not let governments, corporations or any other entity use fear to divide and intimidate us. A collective group of diverse citizens that believe standing up for humanity, is not a choice…but a necessity. What can be a stronger bond that that?

We may not have instant results, but let’s trust the process for change, and change will happen! It already is!!! If we continue to join our energies, hearts and minds collectively, and never doubt what few very determined people can do! Let’s be the change we want to see!

Please join us!

In solidarity,