We Love This Coast

#StopKinderMorgan – Standing Up for Our Precious Coast – #welovethiscoast #OrcasNotTankers



“We are concerned citizens that believe we must do whatever we can as individuals and are joining the global community to stop the destruction of Mother Earth and her creatures. We have a strong connection to the Salish Sea and the coastline and want to to protect our ocean, land and air. We stand with Indigenous people around the globe to endeavor to speak for all creatures, our children, and the unborn future generations that have no voice.”


  • Our website is designed to inform and educate those that want to know the real stories and situations beyond what is communicated by mainstream media. We will post latest articles and information to keep us all up to date on important issues.
  • We support all Front Line Indigenous people standing up to defend their land and water from the risks associated with fossil fuel infrastructure.
  • We  are not afraid of  hard work, we are extremely committed to our mission and we will not back down from speaking truth to power.


We Love This Coast is a grassroots group with the main objective to support others groups/individuals, their events and mainly to stand with fellow indigenous nations and follow their lead. We also inform people about the issues with updated news and articles through the f/b groups and through our website. We continually post other groups events on WLTC and Stop KM Call to Action groups and WLTC Events page, supporting each by attending as many as possible.

One of our main objective is to bring together people as a community in thought, due to their personal attachment and desire to protect our coast especially with the threat of more tankers.

This group started organically with a hand written sign that said, ‘We Love This Coast’, this evolved into a 12 foot banner, to a f/b group and then to a website. This has been going on since 2013, pictures of the events we have organized and attended are available to see through the f/b albums I have posted.

We  support everyone in the larger movement that will stand up to stop Kinder Morgan pipeline and other dangerous fossil fuel projects or with other important social issues that affect the vulnerable, i.e. homelessness, etc.  As an indigenous woman, I am seeing the situation through a different lens. Experience has taught me that the responsibility for how well the different parts of this movement work together rests on each person who is part of it.  It is not one person’s responsibility, but that responsibility rests with everyone individually.

We live in a world that needs more of us to stand up, and it is our hope that we can do that and encourage others as well.

In solidarity,

Shirley Samples,

We Love This Coast

“If not us, then who? ? If not now, then when?”