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BC Just Rejected Kinder Morgan Again

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So by Ottawa’s own logic, the pipeline has now been politically rejected in BC.

  Booms intended to corral a fuel spill near Bella Bella are blown apart by stormy weather.                                                                                                                     (Photo: Tavish Campbell)

Project Democracy / May 12, 2017

This was Ottawa’s plan: give Kinder Morgan federal approvals, get Christy Clark on record agreeing with the pipeline, and then politically sanitize that decision by having her win the BC election, thereby claiming the BC public is onside.

But, even though Ottawa meddled in the BC election by publicly encouraging Clark’s showboating on Trump and U.S. thermal coal, BC voters had other ideas – they rejected her.

So by Ottawa’s own logic, the pipeline has now been politically rejected in BC.

Both the NDP and the Greens were clearly on record opposing it and between them earned about 60% of the vote. The ground zero ridings for the pipeline around Burnaby and Vancouver overwhelmingly rejected Christy Clark and many voters there considered it their ballot box issue. The mayors of affected communities oppose the project. First Nations along the pipeline route are still solidly opposed to the project.

This pipeline does not have political or social license in BC, and soon it may not have legal licenses either if the NDP and Greens form government together and withhold necessary permits for the project.

Ottawa is clearly worried, dispatching Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr to try to shore up support for the project. Unfortunately for Mr. Carr, this comes on the heels of his government delaying implementation of methane regulations for the oil and gas industry, undermining his credibility as a salesman.

Meanwhile, Kinder Morgan is having problems finding investors for the project and is resorting to a public offer to try to pay for it. But, with the political rejection and looming First Nations lawsuits, any investors would be foolish to take on so much risk. (Whether the company will disclose these risks to potential investors is an interesting question).

Ottawa and Alberta may now make threats about requiring this pipeline as a condition for carbon policy, but they need to realize that for many British Columbians this has always been about the risk of local impacts that they inevitably bear while others make their oil billions.

Besides, when emissions from oil production are allowed to keep rising despite carbon policy, people rightly question whether there’s been enough of a trade off to warrant any sacrifice. The unquestioned assumption that oil production must keep expanding is at the root of this feeling. Why isn’t the industry big enough already? Why are we even entertaining its growth during a climate crisis?

Freeze expansion and we don’t need new pipelines. Then we can focus on clean energy instead.

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One thought on “BC Just Rejected Kinder Morgan Again

  1. Hi, please see this post about Trudeau visit to BC before the election count. He is offering a
    “Cash for access event” if you really want to speak to him.
    Event tickets are available $90-$500.

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