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Environment minister defends Alberta’s oil sands ‘gas’ cap VIDEO

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BBC – Hardtalk  UK – Interview with Albert’s Environmental Minister Shannon Phillips after making an agreement regarding EXPANSION of the tarsands!!!

World News BBC Hardtalk – 22 August 2016

Please watch this VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO (only 3 min)!  I feel so impelled to share this, as it shows that some groups, people who say they want to stop the expansion of the tarsands, then why are they agreeing to increasing greenhouse gas emissons from 70 megatons to 100 MEGATONS?????????????

tarsands pic National Oberserver WLTC article

   Alberta Tar Sands                                      Photo Credit: NATIONAL OBSERVER



Alberta’s Environment Minister Shannon Phillips has defended plans to allow the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by the province’s oil sands operations to be increased.

Oil sands operations produce about 70 megatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year but the cap will be set at 100 megatonnes.

“We are the first place to put a cap on emissions,” she told BBC HARDtalk’s Stephen Sackur.

“In this short to medium term, 20% of Canadian GDP relies on Alberta’s oil and gas industry, that’s not small,” she added.

The decision has been criticised by some environmental groups.

See website here ……













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