We Love This Coast

#StopKinderMorgan – Standing Up for Our Precious Coast – #welovethiscoast #OrcasNotTankers

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The biggest battle for the protection of our land, water and air is being waged! Prime Minister Trudeau “threw down the gauntlet” when he and the Liberal party gave approval of Kinder Morgan TMX!!  We whole heartedly ACCEPT the challenge!!!

Please give what you can and generously!! WE ARE COAST PROTECTORS!!!

coast-protectors-ubcic“Now is the time to stand beside Indigenous people in support of our timeless struggle to defend Mother Earth.

There is a battle being waged across the globe by Indigenous Peoples and their allies demanding a safe, healthy world for future generations. This is about water versus oil and life versus death, and ultimately, survival versus extinction.”

— Grand Chief Stewart Phillip

Please see link here to donate $5, 10, 25, or more!


We sincerely appreciate your consideration!



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