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Every lake, every river……. (w/ video) Restore the Navigable Waters Protection Act

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Restore the Navigable Waters Protection Act

Council of Canadians

97 lakes, 62 rivers and 3 oceans. – (in all canada only this number protected!!!)

This is the number of lakes, rivers and waterways that are protected under the Navigation Protection Act right now.

Before the former Harper Government gutted freshwater protections, the law was called the Navigable Waters Protection Act and it protected every lake and every river. It was the pipeline industry that drove these changes. And now they are fighting to keep them off.

The Trudeau government has announced a review of environmental and freshwater laws. Big Oil doesn’t want the current laws to change. Yet pipelines, mining, fracking, climate change and other risks are threatening clean water in municipalities and Indigenous communities. 99% of the lakes and rivers are no longer protected and pipelines are exempt from federal scrutiny under the Act. But every lake and every river must be protected.

Here are 3 things you can do to call on your Member of Parliament to stand up to Big Oil and restore and strengthen the Navigable Waters Protection Act:

  • Sign this petition to Prime Minister Trudeau to restore and enhance freshwater protections



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