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West Coast Women Warriors – Front Line Land Defenders at Standing Rock #FreeOlowan

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West Coast Women Warrior’s – Front Line Land Defenders at Standing Rock – VIDEOS

Stand with the women warriors that will never stop speaking up to protect the precious water and land for our children and grandchildren. Much appreciation for your courageous, inspiring, tireless and amazing work! Hey, we got your back now and forever! ❤


Vancouver, BC (unceded) in solidarity rally/march for #NO DAPL – Sept. 13, 2016


*******Standing Rock with Kanahus Manuel and Morning Star Gali********

Indigenous Peoples from throughout the World are gathering at Standing Rock to stand in the way and stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, in the biggest historical gathering of Tribes since contact. Indigenous lands, water and Territories are being impacted and threatened at a faster rate than ever. The pipelines criss cross hundreds of Indigenous Nations that connect our struggles. #NoDAPL #StandingRock #NoPipelines #RedWarriorCamp

****************** #FreeOlowanNow                   ***************

On Tuesday September 20th, a week after the latest round of mass arrests at a #noDAPL action, a 30 car caravan and delegation from the Standing Rock encampment paid a visit to Morton County Correctional Centre where Olowan, long time defender of her people and of the land and water, one of those arrested, is still being held. Over 100 Indigenous men, women and children from all directions gathered with drums, banners and flags to demand Olowan’s release and the withdrawal of all charges against all water protectors arrested from the encampment.

As the camp delegation arrived at the jail singing and drumming, the police responded with over 40 officers in full riot gear, armed and ready. Many of those in attendance wore masks to prevent the police from targeting, identifying and arresting them after the fact or at the national guard’s checkpoint on the road leading to the camp, a tactic which has already been used by the police in previous weeks.

The state of North Dakota and the U.S. Government have no right or jurisdiction to hold our sister Olowan and we will continue to act against her wrongful imprisonment and the violent harassment and violation of our rights. Our encampment is 7,000 strong, readying for winter, we will not let the genocide of our People, the poisoning of our water and the destruction of our land continue. Our hearts are strong, our resistance is real and our hands are ready.

Today, after being held for over a week, Olowan was extradited to Sheridan County Nebraska jail. Her initial arraignment/bond hearing will be tomorrow, September 22nd at 9 a.m. MST. Her charges stem from her participation in the 2013 Women’s Day of Peace rally to raise awareness of the lawlessness in the tiny hamlet of White Clay, Nebraska, an infamous border town that pulls in huge profits by peddling alcohol to neighboring “dry” reservations.

Call the Sheridan County Sheriff Terry Robbins at 308 327-2161 or the County Attorney Jamian Simmons at 308-282-0690 and tell them to dismiss these charges.

To support Olowan while she is wrongfully imprisoned,

DONATE here: https://fundrazr.com/21AODf?ref=ab_43Kwz5



********VIDEO: WHY WEAR A MASK 101 **************
Live outta Standing Rock at the Resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline
with Klee Benally and Kanahus Manuel
#NoDAPL #IndigenousUniteAtStandingRock #RedWarriorCamp #MaskUp


BREAKING RAW VIDEO: Voices from front lines of Standing Rock. – September 25, 2016

#NODAPL #RedWarriorCamp #LoneStarCamp #IndigenousSolidarity #WaterisLife



September 26, 2016

“WARRIOR UPDATE: #NODAPL RESISTANCE SHUT DOWN PIPELINE CONSTRUCTION ** (No arrests, the private security ran from site upon seeing mass Warriors, Indigenous Land Defenders, Water Protectors walking towards site)

****SHARE: to show the World that the DAPL construction continues everyday and will continue to, unless WE stop them!

via: sister Kanahus Manuel“- – Gullit Acevedo

Caravan from Standing Rock Shuts Down Two DAPL Constructions Sties

The latest in a series of escalating actions to stop the continued construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline saw hundreds of Indigenous Land Defenders, Water Protectors and Warriors leave camp on Sunday in a 70 car caravan to conduct ceremony on the still active construction sites.

Hundreds gathered to shut down and take over 2 active construction sites, that despite the Obama administration’s previous intervention, hailed as a victory for the encampment, continue to lay down and weld the pipelines on the route. As the warriors approached the first site, singing, drumming and war crying, the private security firm hastily packed up and left the site, allowing the group to conduct a powerful ceremony for the Water and its protection. This ceremony was conducted at both active construction sites, with prayer ties and trees planted in the direct route of the pipeline. The police watched the actions and ceremonies at a distance but no arrests were made as men, women and children witnessed and participated in the prayers.

This latest action and ancient ceremony was a powerful one and called on the spirits of Crazy Horse and Red Cloud, all ancestors were joined as one with the encampment. This display of unity and strength is to show the world that our will is one and that the ongoing construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline will not be accepted by our Peoples. This is a camp of thousands from all four directions united in their power and their strength, in their simple wish t4





















































































































More to come…….


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