We Love This Coast

#StopKinderMorgan – Standing Up for Our Precious Coast – #welovethiscoast #OrcasNotTankers

North Vancouver Kinder Morgan Ministerial Public Hearings Video of Sut-lut on Aug 18, 2016

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Sut-lut being arrested, she was the keeper of the Sacred Fire on Burnaby Mountain. She was a true warrior in standing up for Mother Earth. She is a true inspiration for all we are doing now….standing up for our children and grandchildren and all creatures that have no voice. The picture on her shirt is of her murdered indigenous daughter, she did this for her. Thank YOU Sut-lut!                                                                                             Photo Credit: Shirley Samples

Video credit: Corrie Hashim

Thank you Sut-lut! Your words inspire, give us all more courage, and make our resolve even stronger to stop this pipeline! We stand united to fight for Mother Earth and her vulnerable creatures that have no voice!!


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