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Voices from the Blockade at Mt Polley Event – Livestream Video

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Mount Polley Event at SFU WLTC Post

Yuct Ne Senxiymetkwe Camp presented women warriors and voices from the front line. Connecting the ties that bind us report back! They presented a video and slide show along with guest speakers.


sliding scale donations at the door for the movement.
Cecilia Point ~ Opening ~ Musqueam
Kanahus Pellkey ~ Secwepemc Womens Warrior Society
Queen Sacheen ~ Ancestral Pride
Havanna Couture~ Northern Cree ~ Native Youth Movement
Carol Muree Martin ~ Nisga’a/Gitanyow
Crystal Smith is Tsimshian, Haisla and adopted into Heilsuk Nation.
Ishkādi Na-Dene ~ Tahltan Nation
Test Their Logik Hip Hop performers Anti Mine activists
Listen in for a preview at https://testtheirlogik.bandcamp.com/

Sacheen posted this together with livestream video:

“Live stream. Honoring the warrior women, and followed by their report. The elder said to his granddaughter, I think it was Sacheen Seitcham : ” All human beings, one heart, one mind. Standing up as her grandmother did saying no more who stood up to the great tyrant, the prime minister in her day. Sacheen’s grandmother?” Right now Kanahus Manuel is talking about how they began — the Mt. Polley Mine Disaster and the BC protest.

She’s talking about “mercury poisoning” in their water. Mt. Polley has not cleaned up their mess. It’s so sad,, the tailings going into the Fraser River and into a pristine lake, deep glacial lake. Terrible!!!! This is why the Protectors of this generation is standing up. Kanahus reports “mining is racism” and she is right. The policies are being made are fundamentally racist on who is targeted to lose.

I love it when Sacheen says her gratitude as a woman and the women who all stand for their sacred lands. “I live a purpose-filled life.” She is right. So thankful for that. No greater gift of life.” – Sacheen Seitcham



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