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August 10, 2016

Excellent Information & Suggestions from North Shore NOPE website:

What can you do ?    

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ― Margaret Mead

Most people are unaware and/or don’t understand the potentially devastating impact this project could have on our community in terms of our health, our local and provincial economy and our environment in terms of an oil spill but also the impact of the everyday operations at Westridge Terminal and in Burrard Inlet.

That’s where YOU come in. One of the most effective ways to galvanize people into action is to simply educate and inform them about this project which provides very few benefits and unacceptable risk to our community. There are a variety of ways to do this:


Become familiar with the facts so you can help educate others and spread the word. We have prepared a well-researched FACT SHEET for residents and stakeholders to familiarize themselves with the main issues.


Social media provides a platform to reach many people with bite-sized chunks of information that are often easier to consume than a barrage of research reports. It also provides a medium where we can reach, and hopefully educate, a large number of people. If we have more followers that like and share content, the information will reach an ever-growing number of people.

  • Like us on Facebook; share and comment on the articles and information we post and encourage others to like and share our FB page

  • Follow us on Twitter (@NorthShoreNOPE) and re-Tweet any Tweets you find particularly relevant or that would be of great interest to YOUR followers.

  • Follow us Instagram (@ns_nope); like our photos and share our photos on Instagram or Facebook by using an app such as Regram or simply a screenshot

  • Tag us in your photos showing our beautiful environment that is at risk

  • Sign up for our newsletter; encourage family and friends to sign-up by sharing the link on FB, Twitter and Instagram


Writing personal letters is one of the best ways to be heard both by the media and by our elected representatives. Your letter can refer to any of the items on the FACT SHEET or perhaps respond to an article you’ve seen in media. Letters don’t have to be long; in fact, many of the letters published are less than 200 words. If you’re having trouble getting started, check out our sample letters and templates for writing to Elected Representatives and Letters to the Editor.

TIPS for WRITING an EFFECTIVE and ENGAGING LETTER with the best chance of publication:

  • Don’t try to cover too much: You can always write another letter. It is better to have a clear and well-supported point or two than a vague overview.

  • Follow the word count: Your best chance for publication is to produce a clear and press-ready letter that doesn’t need editing. Also, you don’t want the editor cutting out material that you think is important.

  • State your point clearly: Focus on one aspect of the article/FACT SHEET and include at least 3-4 supporting facts/points

  • Refer to the original article/study or report*: E.g. “In the Burnaby Fire Department’s recent report” or “In the article published on May 17th regarding the Tsleil-Waututh Nation’s oil spill modelling study…”

  • Include a link if your source is not a newspaper article: If your letter is based on the NS NOPE Fact Sheet, provide a link to the source cited in the FACT SHEET.

  • Avoid directly slandering Kinder Morgan: They have a large and well-funded legal department at their disposal.

  • If you have any questions about content, please feel free to contact NS NOPE at info@nsnope.org

       *all the information on our fact sheet is annotated and sources are provided on the final page of the FACT SHEET

Elected Representatives

Write a letter or letters to your municipal, provincial and federal representative outlining your concerns. Remember that we have a federal election coming up on October 19th, 2015 and the Kinder Morgan/Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Proposal will be a significant election issue. Be sure to include references and links.

Newspapers and Media

Please note that you must provide your full name and address and a daytime phone number for all submissions. Observe the maximum word count if you’d like to get published—if your letter is great but too long, the editors will edit as they see fit only if they have time. Need a little inspiration? Check out our letter template and a sample letter for Letters to the Editor


There are a number of newspapers that allow comments (providing you are a member of FB or another social media forum) as well as specific blogs dedicated to informing and educating British Columbians on various issues where you can comment or even write a guest blog post. Look for blogs that focus on community, recreation, environmental, health and wellbeing etc.

Here’s a brief list to get you started. Please let us know if you find any great blogs or websites that can help us spread the word.

  • NS NOPE is the ONLY resident’s group on the North Shore granted Intervenor Status at the NEB hearings; there are two individual intervenors for all of North & West Vancouver

  • The EVENTS section on our website will post upcoming events as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

  • We welcome new members if you’d like to attend any of our meetings (sign up for our mailing list for dates and times)

  • If you hear of an event we should know about, please share it with us at info@nsnope.org


Contact us to find out more about how you can get involved. You can spend as much or as little time as you wish. We attend local events to inform and educate stakeholders; we create written materials such as letters, articles, blog posts and social media posts; host film nights and a variety of other things. We’re grateful for any time you can spare!

…and don’t forget to write to our elected representatives!


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau : justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca

Find your Member of Parliament


Premier Christy Clark : premier@gov.bc.ca

Naomi Yamamoto – MLA NorthVancouver/Lonsdale : naomi.yamamoto.mla@leg.bc.ca

Jane Thornthwaite – MLA North Vancouver/Seymour : jane.thornwaite.mla@leg.bc.ca

Ralph Sultan – MLA West Vancouver/Capilano : Ralph.sultan.mla@leg.bc.ca

Jordan Sturdy – MLA West Vancouver/Sea to Sky : Jordan.sturdy.mla@leg.bc.ca


Richard Walton – Mayor : rwalton@dnv.org

Roger Bassam – Councillor : 604-760-1160 rbassam@dnv.org

Robin Hicks – Councillor  : 604-209-6592 rhicks@dnv.org

Mathew Bond- Councillor  : 604-783-9650  mbond@dnv.org

Doug MacKay-Dunn – Councillor : 604-202-4809  dmackay-dunn@dnv.org

Lisa Muri – Councillor  : 604-209-9770 lmuri@dnv.org

James Hanson – Councillor  : 604-505-3500 jhanson@dnv.org


Daryl Mussatto – Mayor : 604-998-3280 dmussatto@cnv.org

Don Bell – Councillor : 604-987-2355 dbell@cnv.org

Pam Bookham – Councillor : 604-986-5560 pbookham@cnv.org

Linda Buchanan – Councillor : 604-988-7270 lbuchanan@cnv.org

Rod Clark – Councillor : 604-351-8166 rclark@cnv.org

Holly Back – Councillor : 778-688-3669 hback@cnv.org

Craig Keating – Councillor : 604-984-7485 ckeating@cnv.org


Michael Smith – Mayor : 604-925-7001 msmith@westvancouver.ca

Mary-Ann Booth – Councillor : 604-340-8490 mbooth@westvancouver.ca

Craig Cameron – Councillor : 604-828-0805 ccameron@westvancouver.ca

Nora Gambioli – Councillor : 604-653-8823 ngambioli@westvancouver.ca

Michael Lewis – Councillor : 604-315-4485 mlewis@westvancouver.ca

Christine Cassidy – Councillor : 604-925-7000  ccassidy@westvancouver.ca

Bill Soprovich – Councillor :  604-561-3219 bsoprovich@westvancouver.ca


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